Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Update from Sylvia


However, when you hear all the wonderful news since earlier this year
I hope you forgive me!

All of our dreams can come true if we really pursue them.
Walt Disney              


This week the children will be celebrating their Christmas at the school. (The reason it is so early is their school is over around our Thanksgiving time.) Each girl will receive a new dress and each boy a new shirt plus a "goody" bag with sunglasses, stickers, pencils, crayons, and candy. The children graduating from P-7, the staff and our children in secondary school will receive shillings. Of course, they will have a big cake and wonderful lunch to round out the celebration.


The medical clinic is done and we have added a four unit mini-hospital so we can handle child births. One of our nurses is a mid-wife so Geofrey is getting permission to do that. They have a complete staff and are turning a small profit. Remember my original plan ... to teach them how to be entrepreneurs and how to be self-reliant? They are on their way


This is the exciting report. We currently have 1,024 children enrolled in the school (12 years ago it was 439), we have 89 in Secondary School and three in college. Our primary 7 class is 93 students, of which 31 are orphans. Assuming all our P-7 children pass their country test they will be going on to secondary school which means we will have 120 children in S-1 to S-6. The really GREAT news? Our students in college are graduating this year! Two will be teachers and one will be an information technologist ... how exciting is that!!!!


Thanks to Chobani Yogurt we have consistent electrical service in the clinic because they graciously donated money to install solar. It is in, it is running and I am waiting for one more picture to send them the full report.


As the retiring President of the NE chapter of the Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa I wanted to share the school with some travel agents and show them how to promote Uganda and voluntourism to their customers. 

There were five, one of whom was Robert Eilets, an AWESOME photographer. We covered Murchisson Falls, Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Bwindi Forest and the gorillas, Lake Mburo and the school. 

Our school was wonderful as usual and what fun it was to see these faces of the travel agents when they first encountered 1,024 students singing and dancing as we arrived. Then, they did a GREAT job explaining their crafts and why we have the chicken farm. I was like a proud mother hen!


Do you buy from Amazon? If you do they will donate to Sylvia's Children if you tell them to. Just go to and scroll down on the left hand side, click on the Amazon Smile link and you are ready to help! It is really easy!


Four years ago Monmouth University had a Sylvia's Children display in the exhibit hall outside Pollack Auditorium. We will be doing that again in the fall of 2015 with the focus on the growth of the school and the various entrepreneurial efforts that are making the school a financial success ... chickens, medical clinic, crafts and widow's sewing club. Will let you know when we do the grand opening of the exhibit!


And last, but not least, one of the program managers from Matter visited our clinic and said we needed much more in the way of equipment and supplies to properly run the clinic. We are even going to get X-Ray equipment and Ultrasound. They are an absolutely wonderful organization and we are so indebted to them for their kindness and their generosity. 

Thank you Megan and Dennis Doyle and, of course, Mike Muelken.

From the children at the Mbiriizi Advanced and Primary school and those of us at Sylvia's Children (Michele, Tony and Sylvia)

Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving, joyous holiday season and a happy new year!

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