Sunday, August 17, 2014

AmazonSmile Supports Sylvia's Children!

Thanks to Christian Drappi, who has been a wonderful supporter of Sylvia’s Children, you can now donate with every Amazon purchase and it doesn’t cost anything.  Please read on.

If you are ordering from Amazon copy this link and put in your browser … ... and register your Amazon site.  

Every purchase after that contributes .5% of the total to Sylvia’s Children!  AND, IT COSTS YOU NOTHING …. Tell your friends!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Thursday, June 5, 2014


And, we are almost there ... we have a shortage of some supplies that limits their ability to serve all the potential patients; however, the whole cost is only $5,000 to bring them "up to speed".  If we were going over soon I would provide you with a list and ask you for donations. 

However, since the summer trip was cancelled and we will not be returning until November (and shipping is IMPOSSIBLE ... it would never get there!) I am asking you for a donation so we can send them the money and they can buy the supplies that will then complete the inventory.

Will you help us?  Attached is a form that you can fill out and mail to us (or scan and e-mail if paying by credit card) or call me and I will fill the form out for you.

 You can also go to and click on the "donate now" button and look for the line that says medical supplies.  You can then pay through PayPal.

Thanks, in advance, for your constant care and concern for these children and their families.

Sylvia ...732 946 2711/cell 732 241 144 ...